Search Engine Optimization

Lukas Web Services can optimize your existing website so it can rank better in the search engines and ultimately help you achieve higher levels of traffic to your site.

Our service focuses directly on enhancement of your site structure. Our SEO services will update your website with:

Optimized Link Structure

Making sure that all the links of your site are accessible to search engine spiders and ensuring  that all dead and orphaned links are removed or replace d with active links.

Popular Keyword Relevant Content

Matching your site’s purpose with the most relevant popular keywords.

High Quality User Focused Content

Creating site content that is laser focused on providing site visitors with the information that they searched for.

Optimized Site Meta-Data

We make sure that all the elements of your website that the search engines use in their algorithms to rank websites are completely and correctly populated.

Eliminate/Replace Unfriendly Design Elements

Ensuring that all your site content is readable and can be indexed by search engine spiders.

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