Web Design and Development

Your website needs to be an online reflection of who you are and what you do, emulating your purpose and instantly providing visitors with the same feeling they would get when walk through the doors of your front door and meet you for the first time.

Whether your website serves as a personal message delivery platform or your brick and mortar storefront, your website needs to instantly communicate who you are, what you do and why you exist. That is the primary goal of Lukas Web Services when it comes to designing, developing and building your website.  contact us today


When you partner with Lukas Web Services to build your website you can expect a website that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business. Focusing on the details of your purpose we begin by answering the single most important question:

  • What do want your website to do for you?
  • Are you selling your products through your website?
  • Is your site focused specifically on informing people about your products or services?
  • Is a site being used as a platform to deliver your subject matter messages to the public?
  • Do you expect to engage and interact with your visitors?
  • Is your site going to be visual based, text based or a combination of both?
    Who will be your intended/expected audience?

You can easily see from the above questions, a website can be very simple, it can be very complex or it can somewhere in between. Working together to get over this first hurdle will make the web build process go much smoother and ensure a website that meets your specific needs. contact us today


Web design in today’s world requires the ability to deliver your website content to desktop computers, smartphones and tablets and each of these platforms have screens that vary in size and resolution. As of 2016, 51.3% of internet usage is done from a smartphone or tablet vs 48.7% that use a desktop PC. This marked the first year that smartphone and tablets surpassed the traditional desktop when it comes to using the internet (gs.statcounter.com). This is why every website we build is built with this in mind and our development process includes making sure that your website will look good on each of these devices. contact us today


It has been noted, that the first 10 seconds of a page visit are the most critical when it comes to staying or leaving your website. (nngroup.com) For this reason alone, Lukas Web Services works intently on creating attention grabbing content during the initial development of your website. Using the information that you provide us about your site pages, we focus on crafting this content in a way that is sure to engage visitors and increase user engagement and interaction. contact us today


In addition to attention grabbing content, your website must be user friendly. Easy, concise navigation combined with organized content and quick loading pages are essential to building a successful website. As stated above, we don’t have much time before a user leaves your site. In addition to poor content, a poorly organized, clumsy website that is slow and difficult to navigate is sure make visitors run to different site. Lukas Web Services takes this aspect of web design and development very seriously and maintains a strict focus on making sure that your visitors have a positive user experience. contact us today


If you’re not being found on the search engines, then your website is simply not going to be successful. When we build your website, we will ensure that we include all the basic website optimization features that will help your site be indexed on the most popular search engines. Understanding that website optimization entails much more that just optimized content and structure, Lukas Web Services provides search engine optimization services as well. Learn more about our SEO packages here.